Don’t break people down

I am an atheist(do not believe in God), but more and more I do exactly what Christians preach. The thing about doing unto others as you want to be done unto you? Yep, that works. Many times before I do something I think about how I would feel if it happened to me? To judge people and criticise them does not make the world more fun, at least I don’t really find any satisfaction from Schadenfreude. I don’t feel good when people pour out their scorn, mockery or contempt. That is also why I try not to do that with other people.

We are all different and have different lives, eat different food, watch different movies or enjoy different types of humour. So why should we try to be the same? Why do we want to make people the same, featureless and uniform(get it?)? The only thing that is wrong is when we harm other people. Intentionally mostly, not by accident or through our own naiveté. I also feel that murder, rape and theft is wrong as they cause people to live a sub-optimal or even hellish life. But everything else I feel people should be free to do and enjoy.

That is the part of religion that I hate. The part that dogmatically asserts that their specific religion is the truth, the only truth and nothing but the truth; even when there are 14 different religions that each has at least 1.5 MILLION followers, each with their own values system and history. When natural human inclinations are seen as sinful. Homosexuality, masturbation and polygamy to name just a few. Natural phenomena for humans that are tabooed and made to be “wrong” in essence without giving a valid reason.

Historically most of the forbidden “sins” are a way to compete: Cultures that allowed homosexuality reproduced slower and were either outbred or conquered by cultures that forbade it. The levels of repression and the levels of aggression in a culture are directly linked. The extra aggression of the members of the culture helped enormously to give a competitive advantage when two cultures clashed in war or physical conflict. The most successful cultures were the ones that repressed. Evolutionary speaking, some repression is to be expected, but then so is killing each other for food.

To happiness, and beyond!


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