Who I am

I have an ENTP personality and use the visual modality the most. This means that I am an extrovert who likes a lot of social interaction and think mainly in pictures. I do not think before I speak; rather speaking helps me formulate my thoughts. My weaknesses are (to my knowledge): low sensitivity to other people’s emotions and not a lot of persistence. I do not like conforming and find it to be immoral to do something because other people do it that way, or to ignore the best way in favour of the common way. I believe in good habits that do not barter next year for today. I value freedom above security; honesty a lot more than loyalty or respect.

ENTP’s do not like working in existing systems. This is a part of my personality that is undeniable. I could not stand being in the broken education system, so I have left it. I could not stand being a mindless corporate drone in a bureaucratic system that also cares almost nothing for the individual and allows almost no freedom for its workers.

You might say that I am a liberal. Don’t. I detest people who use labels to stereotype people into us and them. Those who put people into a box, metaphorically cutting off the pieces that do not fit. I am an individual and do not expect me to conform to any classification of the “type”.

I have become bored by shallow connections with people who do not share interests with me or have conflicting worldviews. I am searching for compatible people who can help me grow. In my current situation, I feel as if I have already progressed to a higher level in the areas I am interested in and that people are only more skilled than I am in areas where I have no interest. I intend to grow and that is what I am going to do.

I feel that there must be a way for society to function without imposing so much on the individual liberties of each person, after all, people work better when they do not feel enslaved or held against their will. More importantly, I think that people are doing themselves and everybody else an enormous disfavor by not pursuing their own dreams and desires. A company where people do not really want to work there, a family where the members do not want to be a family, a relationship where they actually want something else but are scared of losing the relationship they already have.


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