I think that the taboos placed on so many concepts cause people to be dreadfully unhappy and that by removing them everybody would be much happier and healthier. The taboos on masturbation, sexual intercourse, nudity and so called “deviancies”(which turn out to be totally healthy and common) has led to thousands of people who are ashamed of their own bodies, a general lack of trustworthy information on puberty, sexual development, pregnancy, STD’s and contraception; a lot of unwanted babies and needless anxiety over being “normal”.

Talking about sex does not incline people to have sex and pretending that it does not exist in not a good way for society to prepare people for an emotionally charged and potentially dangerous part of being human. Nobody would prevent children about talking about a hot stove or the dangers of drowning, but this is exactly the attitude of a majority of adults take when it comes to sexual education. It needs adults to be comfortable with their own sexuality for them to do the same for their children.

Make taboos mostly taboo!

To happiness, and beyond!


Prove me wrong!

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