Why I will stop practicing the piano

Edit: I have not played piano for many months. I did parkour, but stopped as a result of opinion differences with the instructors.

I have taken piano lessons for about 8 years, but I will not continue doing so. In the beginning I did it because my parents forced me to. Sometimes it was enjoyable, but mostly it was not. Many times I would not practice, but tell my parents that I had practiced. At some point I realized that they would not let me stop playing so I could just as well enjoy it. I did enjoy it and sometimes it was really very pleasurable to be able to make such beautiful music.

That was also a phase that passed and now I do not want to play piano anymore. I have discovered parkour and I really want to improve faster. To practice takes time and to practice piano also takes time. Time, a scarce resource that I also expend on homework, blogging and just relaxation.I think one has to prioritize; my priority is parkour and not piano.

“What about all the musical development?” you ask. Yes, playing piano does nurture the musical part of my brain and parkour develops my muscle strength, coordination and general physical health. Piano is practiced sitting on a chair, passively for the most part. Parkour is a whole-body sport and also improves cardio-vascular fitness.


Prove me wrong!

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