I want to fuck

I also want to make love. Point is I want to grow and develop sexually and not just mentally and emotionally. In a previous post I said that I do not want a fuck buddy – that statement is now officially retracted. I am still looking for compatible connections, but I have realized people who are sexually active are more compatible with me and not less. People who have safe sex and respect each other. People who have sex only with willing partners, who are not under compulsion from anyone. People who able to say no at any time and know that everybody would immediately stop with no repercussions.

These sexual escapades include threesomes, foursomes, all the way up the spectrum to orgies. I definitely want to try threesomes and foursomes. Orgies feel too way out for me at the moment. Willing and eager partners only. I think people who limit themselves to monogamous, heterogeneous sexual relationships miss out on a lot of sexual pleasure. Polyamory relationships are probably not for people who get jealous easily as there is per definition a lot of sharing. A sense of commitment and exclusivity can feel very good for some stages of life, at other they are just downright limiting.

I find boobs really attractive and I would really like to fondle them, lick them, suck on them and just generally admire them. I really wouldn’t enjoy it if the girl wasn’t enjoying it. I would not enjoy any sexual activity if all the participants were not consensual and eager. I think it is really important that when people have sex or get intimate that it is only win-win situations because sooner or later the relationship will deteriorate if it isn’t mutually pleasurable.

Boobs: I like them. I love them. I really, really want them.

Now I need to find a girl who wants to have her breasts fondled and who wants to play with a penis. That would really be a win-win interaction.

The last few weeks I have had higher than usual libido. I usually masturbate each night; it helps me to fall asleep. The nights when I don’t I sometimes lie awake for hours. My mind starts racing and jumps from topic to topic. My thoughts usually don’t quiet down until it is so late at night that I know the next day is going to be a write-off. The last few weeks I have frequently masturbated in the day as well. I think about sex almost daily and feel lust when I look at girls. I almost feel as if I am in love with every second girl. So much variety and so much beauty. The soft flesh of an earlobe. The exquisite tip of a nose. Fine hair curling at the nape of a neck. The bounce of breasts when they walk. Calve muscles expanding and contracting. An ass shaped like two firm spheres. Lips moist and slightly parted. All these I long to caress, to kiss and to stroke with heated passion.

If you are interested or know someone who would be interested please contact me at joshua.jom@spicetelecom.co.za.

All comments welcome. Bring on the criticism!

To happiness, and beyond!


3 thoughts on “I want to fuck

  1. Ahhh the wishes of a 16 year old.

    Hallo Joshua, ek dink dis oulik dat jy so openlik is, al is dit so bietjie grafic. Dis ook nice hoe jy nie bang is vir mense se komentaar nie. Dit wys dat jy genoeg selfvertroue het dat jy nie omgee wat mense van jou dink nie.

    Sterkte met jou lewe sonder skool.


  2. This post really gives me an insight into the mind of a teenage boy. Something that was not this readily available when I needed it.


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