Day 25

I almost never stretch anymore. I feel as if I have lost my sensitivity to my muscles being stiff and sitting too much, as if it has disappeared from the radar. I am very depressed and feel very sad most of the time. I do not know what to do to meet compatible people, but feel bored by shallow connections and saddened by the loneliness of no deeply compatible people.

I finished my last exam paper on Wednesday, so at last I am free! I still don’t know what to do though.

I have now finished Powershift by Alvin Toffler and 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Ries and Laura Ries. Powershift has been profoundly eye-opening and has produced a paradigm shift in how I understand the world. I never knew such diverse phenomena could be explained by one unified theory. I look forward to reading his other books. The book about branding was also very illuminating and I now feel that I understand branding’s essence for the first time.

I usually go once or twice a day for a walk outside and am doing my posture exercises consistently so that’s nice. If I eat brown rice or cooked potatoes for my snacks it just doesn’t seem to fill me up, because 15 minutes later I am hungry again. I wonder if my body is somehow addicted to wheat? I hope not. I don’t currently feel as if I will ever get there, but

To happiness, and beyond!


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