Day 3 Math paper

My parents accept my not going to school, but they still tell me that I have to write this exam. I agree. If one day I decide to resume my standard education I do not want to have to start at the beginning of Gr 11. I have done the work so I might as well get the marks for them. I did not study for it yesterday. The previous Saturday I had gone to Chris (my Uncle) who is good with mathematics. With him I went through all the exercises that I struggled with while doing revision. I was prepared.

It went well. I finished 45 minutes before our time ended, as usual. I also went through my paper and corrected a mistake. I should get at least 90 %.

Yesterday I found quite a few resources on the internet to help me regain good posture and flexibility. I signed up for posturecise crash course and I did a lot of stretching. I used a tennis ball to roll my muscles and I found quite a lot of stuck myo-fascials. Some I released, but others were stubborn and after trying for about 60 seconds I left them for later as the pain was too much. I used a tennis ball, but you can apparently also use a can of beans if you do not have a foam roller. A tennis ball works wonders already.

It’s ironic that to find information on how to repair the damage of sitting I have to sit in front of my computer. This depressed me quite a bit yesterday, but I did not give in and kept stretching ect. The afternoon my father and I met with an old acquaintance of my father who also did his own thing and did not just stay on the beaten path. One of the options he brought to my attention was Waldorf academy. I am going to look how it feels as soon as my parents transport me there. Apparently they let you work at your own pace, which solves a substantial part of the problem that I have with school.

This afternoon I want to go speak with my parkour coach and see if he would be open to an alternative form of exercising where I can gradually progress and build habits of. When I started Parkour classes I saw that they practice in the way of almost all sports: push you past your breaking point, giving everybody the same amount of exercises and trying to make you fit in one or two days a week, instead of daily exercises for us to practice. He assured me that my body would adapt and that then it would be fine, I see though that as my body gets stronger he would keep pushing me past my breaking point. The cycle of getting sick, practicing too hard too fast and becoming sick again does not appeal to me. I would rather teach myself.

I do not subscribe to society’s mindset of waiting until something breaks before fixing it; to maintain is much easier than to repair. I don’t know with what mindset I will replace it , but replace it I must. If people had taught me correct posture and not forced me to sit for such long periods of time it would not be necessary for me to now spend (I suspect) a whole few months just to get back to the state where I am not constantly stiff and breathing shallowly. The school would not do that so it must go.

I have my birthday in December and my parents did not keep me back a year so even if I now lost a year academically, I would just be on par with people who were kept back. Worst case scenario: I go back to school having lost 1 year. I cannot stand it to keep sitting now so until next time.

To happiness, and beyond!


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