Day 2 Areas of focus

I wake up at 6 with a back and shoulders even stiffer, I was half awake a few times during the night to roll over ect. I will now try to express exactly what my goals are:

  • Sleep peacefully at night to be rested for the next day
    • Obstacle preventing me: stiff back, glutes, hips and shoulders
    • Solve by:
      • Strecthing until they are not stiff anymore
      • Sitting a lot less to prevent them becoming stiff again
  • Regain natural posturefor my head as it is forward and down
    • Obstacle: I do not know how to regain correct posture
      • Google for answers
      • Apply them
  • Find a way to sustain myself as my parents will not sustain me indefinitely
    • Obstacle: I do not know how to provide enough value for people to gain money in exchange
      • Solution: If I can regain my innner peace and connect with the correct people I will think of something and then implement it. For now I have about 6 months of breathing space to just focus on my other problems
  • Grow my gums back to healthy levels and lose tooth sensitivity
    • Obstacle: I do not know how to do those
      • Current implementation: brushing with sensodyne toothpaste and using plaque indicators to make sure I cover all the spots. I started this 1 week ago. Tooth sensitivity seems to be decreasing, but gums show no change

Thats it for now

To happiness, and beyond!


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