Day 1 – No more school

I have taken the plunge: I will not be going to school any longer. I will also not be following any curriculum for home schooling.

Today after I became depressed because I could not concentrate on my work: my back was too stiff. Stretches did not seem to help and after seemingly trying anything I gave up. I stopped working and watched movies for the rest of the day. The evening my parents talked to me, I talked with them and I finally made the decision not to return to school after these exams. I would not follow for another six months a path that my every sense was screaming to be wrong. It was either quit school or face the very real possibility that I would go mad and end up in a mental hospital or have a nervous breakdown and be a drooling idiot for the rest of my days. I would not let that happen so now I will not return to school.

Tomorrow begins the rest of my life and my journey to create a life that is worth living. One of the priorities is to create a lifestyle that allows me to be active enough during the day that I am not stiff at night from constant inactivity. The last few days I had not been sleeping well: My back and buttocks were too stiff and uncomfortable to lie on, so I lay on my stomach, and then I could not breathe easily. This negative cycle has finally reached such a breaking point that I will not continue down the beaten path: for better or worse I will make my own.

Does anybody know how to fix a neck that is hunched forward from countless hours of sitting?


Prove me wrong!

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