You will never reach your full potential, But you can become the best in the world in any field.  Even if you have no talent at all, through consistent practice you can become the best. You only have enough time to reach your full potential in a few fields, so choose wisely. To unlock your full potential will take years of dedicated practice and might not even be complete when your lifetime ends.

Not only would practice eventually make perfect (in about a million years), but the better you get at something, the more pleasure most people experience. So if you cannot find “your thing”, just choose something that you would not dislike and start practicing. Talent works by enlarging the maximum capacity and where you start out. Using numbers: Let 10 000 be perfect and everything be expressed as a percentage. Some people will have a starting talent of 100 or 1% and a maximum of 6 000, so they start at 1/60 th of their maximum. Other people will have a starting talent of 300 and a maximum of 9000 starting at 1/30 th of their talent. Some people might even have a starting talent of 1 000 but a maximum of 5 000, starting at 1/5 of their maximum. Since most people will stop practicing after a very short while because they feel that they could never compete with someone who starts out with 1 000, but if they had just kept practicing they would have ended up at 9 000. The person who started with 5 000 never practiced as they felt that other people could never catch up, consequently they woke up one day that someone else worked harder and bested them.

The lesson from all this is that it never counterproductive to practice; just because you are below average now does not mean you cannot become one of the best ever seen by the world.

Since no amount of talent can compensate for large amounts of dedicated practice and fine tuning with the help of feedback, do not use your talent in a primary assessment. Without answering how much talent you have, how much do you enjoy the activity? Only if you enjoy something or you are intensely motivated by revenge or such similar motivation, will you have the necessary patience and persistence to hone a skill to the level where it rises up, out of obscurity and becomes exceptional.

Studies have shown that mental toughness or “grit” is a better predictor of success than any inborn ability or test score. And good news! You do not have to stay stuck in the fixed mindset that says if you do not have grit it is the end! Grit, persistence, willpower, however you want to name it, it can be learned! It is not a fixed ability, like your DNA is (even DNA is changeable), but a skill similar to other skills: it can be learned, it can be practiced and like a muscle it improves under challenge.

Instead of beating yourself up because “you’re not good enough”, try to just be a little better than last week. If you never exercise, just start exercising once a week. Just by making gradual improvements one can reach impossible heights, only taking manageable steps and no giant leaps.

Your fate is not written in the stars, you are in charge of your own destiny!

To happiness, and beyond!


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  1. I was thinking about something similar to this the other day and what came to mind and the way I see talent is that it’s they way people adapt and their understanding… Talent is just a better understanding and adaptation to something.(sorry for late comment)


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