Context to understand the world

Humanity, Culture, Religion, Ancestors, Family and Friends. These are a few rough levels of shared context. If you are reading this you are definitely a human and since it is written in English you share the context of the English language. If you live in South Africa or speak Afrikaans we have an even greater shared context. Between my family and I we have the most shared contexts. We read many of the same books, listen to each others music and talk together about a variety of subjects.

Usually the more shared context that one has, the easier it becomes to understand one another. Humans naturally act as a hive mind; storing their memories in other people and sharing newfound knowledge. The more you experience firsthand or secondhand through reading, listening or watching various media, the greater the scope of the context that you understand.

In African culture the more important person walks last through a door and it is rude to look someone in the eye too much. In Western culture the person with the highest status walks through the door first and you look someone in the eye to show that you are listening. I think that is part of the reason why people of different cultures have such difficulty in working and living together.

Here is a little of my context: I wake up at 6 am each morning and jump out of bed. I do my situps and then shower after eating a fruit (usually an apple) from the fruit bowl in my room. After showering I shave and eat breakfast. Oats with a little bit of olive oil(for flavor), eggs(mostly scrambled) or tuna. I brush my teeth and then we drive to school. First we drop off my youngest brother at the primary school(he is in Grade 3) and then my mom takes my brother Erich(age 14) and I; at 8:30 we start rotating.

I take IT, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English First Additional and Afrikaans Home Language. All my subjects are in English, except the languages. I decided that I won’t really learn much more in English home language that in first Additional. I want to learn a little more fluent in my home language before I start working and probably have to speak English the whole day long. I have not decided what job I want to do, but am considering programming, blogging (wink, wink), experimental psychology and parkour stuntman. My father is a programmer, so I had fiddled with Turtle and a little JavaScript before I started taking it as a school subject last year. We had to choose our subjects last year and did not have to take everything anymore. I dumped Arts and Accounting straight away. I am hopeless in art, I think because I do not have the necessary fine motor control to draw.  Accounting, I had no problem with understanding, but I did not like.

There are seven periods in a school day, each being approximately 35 minutes long. We have the first 4 periods and then break(some may know it as recess). We have about 35 minutes of break and then the last 3 periods of the day. We end at 2 pm every weekday except Fridays, when we end at 1:30 pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we usually write a term test. In the second and fourth quarter of the year we do not have test cycles and write exams.

At exam time we have two sessions every day, mostly we write one subject each day, but sometimes one in the first and then another one in the second session. Each grade does not necessarily write on the same day so some days I do not have to go to school and can just stay at home and study for the other subjects.

After school my mother picks my brother and I up and we get home at about 2:30. I then change into normal clothes and do my exercises for parkour (when I remember). The routine is meant to strengthen my shoulder muscles. First, I lay on the ground in the position for a handstand and then I lift my arms up 20 times. Then I do 20 bunny-hops. You squat and then lift your body onto your hands and down again; remembering to keep the elbows locked.

Now I am hungry and I eat lunch. I will not bore you with an extensive list of the food that I sometimes eat. Usually we cook brown rice for carbohydrates, vegetables and meat or fish for protein. I then relax until 3 o’clock, when I start working. I practice piano for 15-20 minutes and then do homework. After that I would blog, read blogs or continue reading a book.

Around 7 I make my school snack for the following day. I eat 8 slices of bread(2/3 of a loaf) each day. I put peanut butter, cheese, jam, butter or a combination of these on my bread. I also put in slices of cucumber; I adore the freshness and it leaves a much better aftertaste in my mouth.

For dinner we usually eat just food. Whatever is in the fridge or we cook some rice or vegetables. At 8 I start going to bed, floss and brush my teeth, close the curtains and doors. I take about 30 mins to fall asleep. Sometimes my mind just starts racing and then I am in for a long night.

That’s my average day.

To happiness, and beyond!


2 thoughts on “Context to understand the world

  1. haha..great note though,” me and my family”, and”me and my brother” should be ” my brother and I” etc..always address yourself first..but other than that, really good read.


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