Stop, wait and think a little

I find it very valuable to have time excess. To not have to rush from one place to the other, frantically because if you miss one appointment your whole day is ruined. Sometimes something comes up and then it is very handy to have time to enjoy it. When last did you look at a sunset? Yesterday, last week or can’t remember? Tell me in the comments below. I don’t think everyone enjoys sunsets, but I am sure there are some among my readers who may not think that they like sunsets. If they see one perchance they will enjoy it. I don’t think everybody has to look at the sunsets, but what bothers me is that the ones that do never really get the time.

A LIE. Everybody gets a whole day of at least 10 hours of daylight to spend as they choose. When people say that they don’t have enough time they actually meant that they don’t want to do the suggested activity. It is not important enough. It is a politeness that I personally do not like.

If one is always busy it means that you have decided exactly how you want to spend each part of your day. You know about everything that might happen and you have decided that it is not as important as the planned events. You know exactly which direction you are going and that the time commitments that you have made will move you towards the next event. Fine, fine indeed if you have thought about all the possible actions that you will do each day. The possibilities are endless and do you really know what you will feel tomorrow afternoon? Frequently I have found that my fancy wanders in another direction.

In my opinion the cost associated with a fully-booked out life it that you miss opportunities to do very fun, exciting and eye-opening activities. To hang-glide, to take a walk after the rain or connect with family and loved ones after a long day. Most important is that when you have nothing to do and you get time to actually think the most wonderful things tend to happen. Many times I have discovered something that I have forgotten about and that fell through the cracks of my life. Then after I have kicked against boredom a few times, when my options are limited, then the magic happens. Or you just get bored.

Remember to comment on when last you saw a sunset. Include the occasion and the cloud cover for bonus points!

To happiness, and beyond!


2 thoughts on “Stop, wait and think a little

  1. I think it’s important to remain busy, as in school and things that basically just need to get done. It makes the time you’re not having to do work more pleasurable and you feel more rewarded. I like being busy over having nothing to do because it gives me a plan and allows me to have control over my life and future. I can see what you’re saying and I agree that it’s a positive thing to have time where you can do “fun” things, but I also think it’s important to do things, even if you really don’t want to.


  2. I saw the sunset last night. Near my apartment there is a salt marsh, mostly blocked by condos. There is, however, an abandoned lot, narrow and paved in handball court green. Rosy pink walls run along either side draped in honeysuckle. Between the street and this lot is a wrought iron fence, but at the end there is nothing to block a perfect view of the marsh and sky beyond. I usually walk past around the time when bats start to emerge and the previously described colors deepen into silhouettes. At that time, the end of the lot becomes a gateway.
    I suppose the beauty of sunsets is (among other things) the fact that they are rapidly fleeting, depleting before our eyes, and we know that we only have so much time to appreciate them. Oh sure there will be more (we hope) but like the cloud cover, they will never be exactly the same as the last one.


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