Environment, not choice

You want to lose more weight, exercise more, put in extra hours at work, connect with your loved ones. But no matter how hard your try, you always seem to slip up, forget or not feel like it. Here’s how you can improve on all of those without a lot of work:

Easy to do does not equal useless.

Just because you do not struggle to stick to your goal and use large amounts of willpower does NOT mean that they will not have a significant effect on your life. On the contrary, how regularly will you do something that you don’t particularly like or enjoy, something that is unpleasant but needs to get done? If you are like most people you might succeed most of the time, but then you have a bad day or just don’t feel up to it. Two weeks later you realize that you have fallen off the bus, AGAIN. you do not have to suffer to improve, and pain does not equal gain. PAIN = PAIN But it shouldn’t be too easy, that is why I prefer: NO STRAIN = NO GAIN

If you establish a habit and then gradually improve, never overreaching and always being stimulated to improve, it is amazing how fast you can achieve great things that would never have been possible if you tried the yo-yo method. How many times have you decided to make a change and do something totally different. You were full of vim, vigour and go-get attitude. You went to the gym and tried to get fit in one session, or tried to eat only vegetables for a whole week. Maybe you were successful and did it. But you didn’t establish a habit and 2 weeks later you are back at square one.

To happiness, and beyond!


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