Life is a Brownian Motion

Life is not a hike, journey or path. You are not an individual walking on a road with occasional forks or crossings. You are a blob of jelly in 5 dimensions and 10 Universes at the same time. The choices you make are much less important than people make them out to be. You don’t become great, normal or below average by making a handful of  big decisions. You are a million particles that move in straight lines, each one random with a predictable net effect. Those particles are your habits. The small things that you do every day that push you just a few millimeters in one direction. But over time the paths diverge more and more, until there is no relationship between the one result and the other.

Small things matter a lot more than people think. You smile a bit more, or go to bed just a few minutes later and compounded over time the effects are enormous. Not just that, but the choices you make are a result of your habits. Someone who doesn’t belong to a jogging club will not consider jogging at a specific time. The possibilities of what to do with your time are so massive that people only consider the few that habits, the environment or other people suggest. If you are asked every day if you want to take a jog, maybe you will say no most of the time, but just the few times that you say yes will still be a lot more that the amount of times you would have thought of jogging and also decided to do it on your own.

This is exactly how advertising works. If I ask you (through billboards or tv ads) 200 times a day if you want to eat some pizza, you only have to say yes 0,5 % of the time for you to eat pizza every day. And when you feel hungry your subconscious shows the first food that comes to mind: pizza( or fill in own junk food/sweet). This is why it is much more effective to change your environment than it is to change your habits. If you change the inputs that your brain processes every day, you naturally change your behaviour without conscious effort.

Habits have the result of you doing something without you even thinking about or deciding to do it. How much fun would it be to never have to think about exercising, eating more healthy or drinking water instead of soft drinks or coffee? With no need to use willpower on the essentials, you have a large store of time and energy available to socialize or just have fun.

To happiness, and beyond!


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