You don’t have to conform

When people lived in small family groups of 50-75 people and had a hunter-gatherer lifestyle it was important for people to like you. VERY important. Your life depended on the people around you. If you offended someone or fell down a few steps in the social hierarchy, it was life-threatening.  If drought or famine reared its head, guess who would be the last to get food? On your own you could not survive against predators like lions and hyenas, not to speak of the fact that you needed a team effort to hunt down a gazelle or antelope and not starve. To be an outcast was death.

In modern society this is not the case. You will not die if someone does not like you. Even if you have millions of people who cannot stand the sight of you, you will still flourish. Even criminals, murderers and terrorists can find communities of people to live with, work with and socialize with. And hopefully not many of my readers have taken the life of another human being. : ) The vastness of humanity simply swamps the need to keep the social approval of everybody you meet. If you do not gain their approval, simply take a walk or a bus to another part of town and nobody will know your name or really care.

You can choose your own tribe. You can be who you really are and have people admire you for it. You don’t have to like what everybody likes, to do what everybody does. If you are one in a million, you have 7000 people to hang out with, connect with and form relationships with. More people than you can get to know through your lifetime.  A million people is a LOT of humans.

To happiness, and beyond!


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